Face it – We can’t get what we want

…Written By DSVELLA

What do we want? NO DRM!
when do we want it? NOW
Are we likely to get it? ….no

So you may have seen that Ubisoft went seriously too far with it’s DRM. If you haven’t here’s a brief run down: when playing assassins creed 2 you MUST have a constant net connection. Failure to do this you get booted from the game and lose any unsaved data and access to your saves until you reconnect.

Madness, I know. Now if I am honest I doubt we will see this actually happen. My guess is that they have something up their sleeves that’s only mildly evil and they will bring it out when the net rage reaches a high point.

However we as gamers have a more serious issue on our hands.

DRM is here, and it’s not going away. We are going to have to deal with this as a group. The arguments made against DRM are moot point. Companies are wanting to protect their investment from theft and make as much money as possible. People will still pirate their games even if it’s easy to get ahold of or if a demo is out. We are going to have to live with it but that doesn’t mean accepting ideas like those from ubi! We need to get behind ideas that we as a group are comfortable with.

This is very much an argument of choosing the lesser of two evils. There is going to be some experimenting from the games companies. We also have to accept the fact that no service is going to be perfect. Steam is lauded as one of the best DRM solutions but it still has issues. Think of many big names that have been released on their service only for the authentication servers to die from so many people trying to access them en mass. We are going to have to accept a few drawbacks to get something that we can live with.

A more chilling thought is that we may have to live with GFWL. The reason? Many developers are seeing Down Loadable Content (DLC) as a new means to make money and improve on their games. They are going to need to have some kind of infrastructure to distribute it. GFWL offers the best system and I have not seen anyone else with one thats works for any game (as in a add on that is not a publishers own brand system).

We need to find a system thats half way decent and support it. That way we can encourage change.

Also I would like to see publications to take a more serious stand on this issue. I am hoping that when AC2 comes to review and that this DRM is still present that they get slammed for it. However I somehow doubt it.


~ by dsvella on February 18, 2010.

2 Responses to “Face it – We can’t get what we want”

  1. A note on your GFWL observation: Steam supports DLC/purchasable addons to an acceptable standard as well, as far as I am aware – we’ve seen games with significant addon-ability, like RailWorks (though that’s not my thing). Nonetheless, DLC on Steam is not too common yet – only stresstesting will tell if they’ve hit the nail on the head.

  2. The sad thing is that it HAS been used, and Mr Francis has spoken about it on the PCG blog. Sadface.

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