Surviving Minecraft

Minecraft is something of a quiet obsession of mine. I’ve spent entire days building everything, from dinosaurs to clock towers to Edoras. It’s such a simple game, but at the same time throroughly absorbing. For anyone who has bought the game, /indev/ is the place to play. It’s a work in progress of the next major build. For now, it remains limited to single player, but multiplayer survival antics are not far off. And even now, in its half finished state, it’s proof that Minecraft is a very interesting game. It isn’t just about satisfying our urge to play with LEGO anymore. It’s also about exploring, crafting, hunting, and surviving.

So what does this entail? What exactly can you look forward to, should you part with the £9 it currently costs to buy Minecraft? This, more or less, is the answer. One man (specifically, this man) and one goal. To not die horribly.

First up, Minecraft needs to generate a random level. I’ve gone with a fairly standard setup here, but should you wish there’s options for floating islands or endless forests, or even hell itself. Ingame there’s also a difficulty option in the menu. For amusement purposes I’ve set it to hard, which basically means more enemies, with more health, doing more damage.

Anyway, I hit create and the game is up and running. The first thing you’ll see on spawning is the inside of a very basic wooden house, which will serve as a decent enough base for now.

I head outside for a look around, and it seems I’ve got lucky with the spawn location. It’s next to the water, which offers a bit of defence and will be perfect for irrigating some farmland. Facing inland, it seems I’m at the bottom of a small cliff, which means I’ve got a supply of stone right on my doorstep. There’s also a cave entrance, so I make a mental note to explore that later.

It’s already midday, though, and I have other priorities right now. To do anything useful in /indev/ you need tools. I can make some, but I need to find a good supply of wood first. I head up to the top of the hill next to the house, and start punching down some trees.

A short time later and I’ve got myself a nice supply of wood. As a bonus, some saplings drop from the leaves. I can plant these near my abode and they’ll grow into trees after a while. A constant supply of wood on my doorstep should prove useful.

By now it’s late afternoon, so I make a dash back to the house. The key rule of /indev/ is not to get caught outside at night. It’s when the beasties spawn. So having blocked up the front door, I quickly put in a staircase and fortify the roof of the house. This gives me a good vantage point where I can survey the area in relative safety. Last thing I want is to open the door in the morning and get eaten by a spider.

I also move one of the torches from downstairs up onto the roof. Enemies spawn in dark places, so this should stop them popping in above, at least. I finish the rooftop renovations just as the sun sets on the horizon.

Still, it’s not like I’m afraid of the dark. How bad can it be, right?

As far as cliffhanger endings go it’s a little dull, I grant you. But next time I’ll be making stuff and breaking rocks. Swords are also used. Don’t forget that Minecraft is also worth buying soon if it interests you, being 50% cheaper while still in the alpha stages of development.


~ by HermitUK on February 21, 2010.

3 Responses to “Surviving Minecraft”

  1. Minecraft is lovely :3

    Then you find a creeper.

  2. I don’t know why but minecraft just doesn’t appeal. I love your skin tho. very big daddy-ish.

  3. Good times minecraft. When he releases the multiplayer, it will be better times!

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