Hidden: Source: A Hunter’s Tale.


I can smell meat.

I leap down from my perch onto a catwalk, bound ten feet along it and soar up again, disappearing into the shadow of the rafters from which I came.

I can see the first of the meat now.

I move past it and three others; one piece has decided to break from the group. Perfect. I move quickly, low to the ground. Following. Hunting. I hunger for the kill and feel my pulse quickening.

Focus. Stay calm.

A mere two seconds later I’m fifteen feet above it and forty feet ahead of it, hanging bat-like above the door it’s about to walk through. Three seconds more and claret sprays into the air, coats my knife and spills on the ground. It whips round and fires a shotgun at where I was. Fortunately I’m already at its back again, plunging my knife in a second time and a third. The meat falls at my feet, comically limp. I can still taste the iron-sweet blood as I move silently through the door and back inside the dock.

Four to go.

I rapidly climb back to my perch in the rafters, from there I can better assess the situation an pick a target. Minutes pass before all four walk onto a right angled staircase in single file. I light a home made pipe bomb and aim it at the flat corner landing as the first two have advanced past it. The smell of smoke and injuries reaches me a second later than the deafening explosion.

The meat is weak now.

I can smell their blood and fear, my ears pulse and my breathing becomes audible. I have to hold back. Much as I want to give in to the blood lust I must pick my moments and focus on my attacks if I want to survive.

Minutes pass before one becomes isolated by it’s allies. Moving faster than it they have entered a corridor to a computer room. Leaving one in the open. My leg muscles explode and I surge toward it. I hit it with all my weight and strength, crimson spray spouting into the air for an instant, splashing onto the ground seconds before the lifeless cadaver. I’m forced to cling high on the wall by gunfire. I hate guns.

Three left.

I hear the one closest to me reloading and launch myself through the door, down the corridor and into the retreating flesh. He falls to my blade only moments before the second. The room is empty five seconds after I entered it. The last one is close. I can smell his fear, stronger even than the fluid that is starting to spread from the necks of the two on the ground.

I lick the blood from my knife. One left. I’ll make it quick.

I know which direction it went and I know it can only lead to one place. I take an alternate route, through a narrow corridor, right, along the second corridor and out onto a catwalk. I vault the railing, spinning as I fall and hit the ground in motion. Swiftly pouncing towards the only door it could use. I’m mid flight when it emerges and still airborne as my knife glides through the of my final victim.

I hunch over the corpse and place my testicles in it’s mouth.


~ by badpixel89 on July 16, 2010.

One Response to “Hidden: Source: A Hunter’s Tale.”

  1. That’s no way to treat your food.

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