Valve could fix DoTA. Could.


So Valve are making a DoTA maybe. There’s been a dispute on the internet about this, but I feel that them trademarking the DoTA name, and then hiring the main man on the Warcraft 3 mod is sort of conclusive,  unless they hired him so that they can dress him up in hats and shoot nerf guns at him or something. But will they fix the problems that surround DoTA, or will they actually screw up for once?

People utterly hate DoTA. If you’ve been under a rock for the past decade, then DoTA is a fairly new genre, where teams of heroes compete against each other to destroy the opposing base, through levelling up by killing AI controlled “Creeps” and other players. They then use the gold and experience to buy items and level skills and stats. The concept itself is quite solid, and it’s interesting game. Fast paced and satisfying. There’s nothing wrong with the actual game, but the reason people hate it is because the community is utter shite. There is not a community in any game that is worse than in the DoTA clones. You think Counterstrike’s is bad? Play for a day amongst the Heroes of Newerth community and you will earn a sense of loathing you probably thought was unachievable. Why is this so? I’ve drawn a diagram, which is in the title preview thing.

There. I did science. The nature of the game, how close the teams have to be to ensure victory and what is at stake (HoN and LoL both have some form of persistant ranking, this means that internet fame is on the line, and everyone knows that is oh so important). For HoN, it’s PSR. Player Skill Rating. A coveted resource that decides how good you are. The higher the PSR, the ‘better’ you are at the game. (You start at 1500 PSR and the amount you lose is decided by the PSR’s of your team and of theirs, if they are decided higher than you, you gain more for the victory and lose more in defeat) You immediatly know what sort of game you’re playing when you have guides on the internet telling you how to get a better PSR, how to survive starting and how to get that digital ranking higher.

I’m not really experienced enough in LoL to tell you the intricacies of higher-end play, having only played a few games, but in HoN there are cocks all the way up. The issue is, as with the ‘formula’ above, people are so dependent on the team for victory, have something riding on them winning and have invested a lot of time in the game, that they turn into absolute cocks when it comes to the other team winning. The blame game starts, fingers are pointed and it’s absolutely pathetic. So, how are Valve going to solve this? With Starcraft 2’s multiplayer leagues, something similar could be implemented. Before you start in the “Pro” leagues or higher toss, you’re thrown into a beginners league where you can learn the game with people of similar standings. This could perhaps solve people getting thrown in beyond their depth. The issue is that people who have prior experience of DoTA will end up playing it, and when they enter the practice league may introduce loathing and hatred once more. How can we possibly solve this? Active moderation, a report button. Friendly banter such as “Good luck, you’ll need it” etc being fine, “You’re a fuck who should uninstall the game and go play in traffic” being right out.

So providing they get the ground work done on the actual game, with perhaps some twists and turns in items, maybe some original heroes, a new mechanic here and there and Valve have the opportunity to make a good game. It’s just that they’re going to be at ends with the incredibly elitist, generally obnoxious dregs of the DoTA community.

Solve this and they’re golden.


~ by Cloak Raider on August 13, 2010.

One Response to “Valve could fix DoTA. Could.”

  1. Youre formula is wrong, it should be:

    1/ (reliance on others + internet + smaill teams)
    ____________________________________________ = Utter Cocks
    oppertunity to fuck up

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