Railworks Review


So. You’ve completed Doom 3 on Nightmare. Dead Space on Impossible. STALKER on whatever-the-hard-difficulty-is-called. What next for a hardcore gamer like you? What else is there to spend your money on when you’ve already bought a mouse with more buttons than your keyboard, a screen made of platinum and lasers and various other gismos so bedecked with blue LEDs that their purpose is totally disguised?

I have the answer. Railworks.

Hated by Californian lawyers & Alan Tichmarsh while loved by the most dedicated gamers it is easy to dismiss Railworks as too hardcore. As that guy who puts his name on soundcards & headsets said “Railworks… man… I can play CSS and that but Railworks… Railworks scares me.”

The latest in a string of hyperviolent action games Railworks raises the FPS bar to levels that would have John Romero hastily retracting that advertising statement. Set over a terrifying array of “routes” including the depths of the creepy English countryside and the terrifying Canadian Wilderness Railworks is a game that you’ll be playing for the rest of your life… if you can make it that far.

The tasks in Railworks sound deceptively simple. Perhaps you’ll be asked to run a mainline commuter service. Maybe you’ll need to engage in some sorting of freight cars. Whatever the mission brief you’ll head into your first scenario full of confidence.

Confidence that’ll soon vanish.

Each route in Railworks is infested with the most dangerous and terrifying creatures you could ever have the misfortune to lay your eyes upon. Warped… things follow your every move. With only a nose mounted artillery cannon and several light machine guns affixed to your train every mission ends in a frantic fight for survival.

These terrifying ordeals are bad enough alone but jump into one of Railworks’ many multiplayer modes and you will experience the true meaning of terror – when those… things… might just be your best friend.

Would I recommend Railworks? I think I probably would but only with the most heartfelt warning that this isn’t for the faint hearted. If you were remotely worried by Doom 3 or the labs in Stalker than Railworks, frankly, isn’t for you. For those hardened souls who’ve fought through it all and still come out on top – Railworks is the challenge you’ve been waiting for. Just don’t expect to succeed.


~ by javaguychronox on August 14, 2010.

2 Responses to “Railworks Review”

  1. Yeah, I considered RailWorks, but I wimped out. Good luck to anyone who decides to brave it.

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