Death. Huh. (Yeah.)

•February 22, 2010 • 2 Comments

Death. On the short list of inevitable things, right above taxes. And it’s a real nuisance, too. So why do so many games feature death heavily as a failure condition, even a punishment?

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Surviving Minecraft

•February 21, 2010 • 3 Comments

Minecraft is something of a quiet obsession of mine. I’ve spent entire days building everything, from dinosaurs to clock towers to Edoras. It’s such a simple game, but at the same time throroughly absorbing. For anyone who has bought the game, /indev/ is the place to play. It’s a work in progress of the next major build. For now, it remains limited to single player, but multiplayer survival antics are not far off. And even now, in its half finished state, it’s proof that Minecraft is a very interesting game. It isn’t just about satisfying our urge to play with LEGO anymore. It’s also about exploring, crafting, hunting, and surviving.

So what does this entail? What exactly can you look forward to, should you part with the £9 it currently costs to buy Minecraft? This, more or less, is the answer. One man (specifically, this man) and one goal. To not die horribly.

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Face it – We can’t get what we want

•February 18, 2010 • 2 Comments

…Written By DSVELLA

What do we want? NO DRM!
when do we want it? NOW
Are we likely to get it? ….no

So you may have seen that Ubisoft went seriously too far with it’s DRM. If you haven’t here’s a brief run down: when playing assassins creed 2 you MUST have a constant net connection. Failure to do this you get booted from the game and lose any unsaved data and access to your saves until you reconnect.

Madness, I know. Now if I am honest I doubt we will see this actually happen. My guess is that they have something up their sleeves that’s only mildly evil and they will bring it out when the net rage reaches a high point.

However we as gamers have a more serious issue on our hands.

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What is the point of this website?

•February 16, 2010 • Leave a Comment

It exists as a form of videogame blogging website for the J-Server community, a ‘forum’ of sorts where J-Server members can contribute an article, and perhaps have others comment on it. For the fledgling video game journalist that exists in all of us.